Monday, August 18, 2008


For starters, yay to friends who are newly engaged! We had a massive party of a gazillion kinds of dip by way of celebrating. Kalamata olive bruschetta, cheezy garbanzo dip, hummus, chocolate fondue, and much more!! My other enterprise was a recipe from the Uncheese Cookbook for a Colby Chedda Block from scratch. It was fun to make and I was pretty happy with the results. Many quesdadillas ensued afterward. I got the idea from a great blog (and made the accompanying recipe for a delicious soup.) Check the link below!

The recipe for the Uncheese started with agar agar (a type of seaweed) flakes prepared to resemble a gelatin-type base. I blended this with raw cashews and all types of yummy seasonings and things.
Next I poured the mixture into an oiled container and refrigerated it.
After work, out came a solid log of cheezy stuff. I sliced it and made lots of good food like quesadillas and grilled cheeze. Yummmy! This stuff is seriously filling, pretty healthy, and tastes unique but good.


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