Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stumbling Happily Onto Tricks Of The Trade...

Recently I stopped into the local cookware/kitchen outfitters extraordinaire and was delighted to find a 50% off sale! I am still pretty new to cooking, and have a long way to go as far as a well-outfitted kitchen. A spoon and an old pot will get a girl a long way, but I've decided to dedicate a little money and effort to slowly building up my stash of tools. The next step will hopefully be replacing the scary flaking cookware with some more sturdy and quality pots and pans. I usually scour estate and garage sales for kitchen finds (a 75 cent brand new muffin pan and ceramic travel mug embossed with mermaids from Chaleur for 50 cents are among my favorite finds), so it was exciting to shop in a kitchen store full of shiny new things!

I'd like to share some of my bargains today and post a little wishlist for the ever-evolving kitchen of Leslie!

A smattering of the mark-down goodies I found today included:

* A lovely large Le Creuset slotted spatula in green!
* Mini jars of baking flavors. I got a butterscotch and an orange. I smell new cupcake creations!!!

* Tiny pewter condiment spoons to match my beloved pewter serving dishes!

* A cute Louisiana themed tea towel edged in rickrack and decorated with all the special places and symbols. I can smell a big Cajun dinner cooking already!

* And finally, that which I cannot leave this wonderful store without...a little bag of dark chocolate-covered coffee beans! Crunch crunch yum!!

The perfect weather for garage and estate sales is here. Hopefully I will set the clock, get the coffee pot ready, and hit the yards and carports for more fancy finds. Coming up soon in my kitchen:

* cookware
* pizza cutter & pan
* casserole dish (My dream version of this would be to stumble onto a beautiful vintage Pyrex piece pink!!!)
* food processor
*cake stand with clear cover
*Vita Mix blender
*Breville juicer
*Le Creuset bell-pepper shaped cooker in the eggplant color...mmmmm.
(Ok I know those last two are seriously ambitious, but you never know!!)
Enjoy your cooking! I'd love to hear your neat kitchen ideas!


Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Breville juicer, silpat baking mat, pizza stone, immersion blender, cast iron frying pan(s), kitchenaid stand mixer -- a few of my faves that I have accumulated over the last 20-ish years.

...barbara... said...

i miss garage saling.....good luck, i hope you find everything and then some :)

evestirs said...

oh, i can go thru some dark chocolate-covered coffee beans in 1 sitting...dangerous ;)

Vegan_Noodle said...

I have a serious problem spending money on kitchen gadgets! Sounds like you scored some great items at a discounted price! I would also love to buy a juicer sometime soon. And of course I'm always wanting more fun shaped cake pans.

the green ninja said...

I can't wait to register for some decent cookware. Getting married rocks!