Monday, January 5, 2009


I want some of these Blackspot shoes and have for some time. They cost more than I like, but I feel good about what the price buys. Anyhoo...I have a rotten pair of Vans that I can't part with, and two semi-intact pairs of Converse, so I don't need any shoes for a good while.

I found a neat blog post about the Blackspots and how to un-brand your stuff. I hate the idea of being a walking billboard for something I'm not really down with. So here goes:

"They are union-made in Portugal (meaning that they are fairly-traded), organic hemp upper(sustainable and environmentally friendly), soles from recycled tires (environment thing again) and biodegradable fake leather (environment one more time!)...they're vegan too! Each person purchasing their first pair receives a Blackspot Sneaker Shareholder Certificate. This entitles the shareholder to vote on what materials to use, where to manufacture the shoes, marketing, how to use profits, etc.

Until you get your own pair, here are the instructions for How to Uncool a Megacorporation:

1 Apply a helpful dot of red to the ass kicking sweet spot, right at the tip of the toe cap.

2 Slap a Blackspot on every last logo, brand name and trademark

3 Walk into a local indy store and tell the manager about the Blackspot-How we're trying to create a bottom-up, socially responsible cool in the sneaker industry. Then email Blackspot Sneakers with the retailer's specs and they'll follow-up...

That's the plan according to Adbusters. Go forth and uncool your sweatshop shoes and make them into something much, much cooler. A sign that you don't think union-busting, child labor using, below poverty paying sweatshops are cool and you're going to stop buying or displaying products from companies that use them!"

Yeah! I'm off to attack my old shoes with a marker, providing there's a logo still hanging on to them! Check out the Conscious Consuming blog for more good stuff.

P.S. It's day 18 of The Compact experiment. The only stuff I've bought (besides food and a tank of gasoline) are wooden clothespins and clothes line cord (totalling under $5) to build my clothes line. We got a board game for free by returning something to a store that a neighbor didn't want. There are some zines coming in the mail due to my lovely bf sharing a gift certificate with me. I haven't really craved anything too badly (ok glittery sneakers!!!) and feel kinda great ignoring buying stuff as a recreational activity. We continue recycling plastic, paper, cardboard, and magazines. We are composting the heck out of kitchen scraps. Life is happy & green around here. Yay!


Jen aka Jewbacca said...

again, i enjoy how holistically vegan your blog is. my challenge with composting is in the winter. my spouse won't let me keep the bin in the house because of our child and dog. fortunately we haven't had too much freezing weather, so i've taken it outside, but there have been more kitchen scraps going in the garbage than i would care to go there. did that make sense?

pixiepine said...

I sprung for a compost tumbler (about $140 with shipping from within the state) last year. It really helps because it isn't messy and is easy to use. I keep it in a corner of the yard. I know they are "easy" to make homemade for waaaay cheaper if you have some basic skills and tools (which I don't!).

Bianca said...

Hmmm, maybe I'll go "blackspot" my Chucks too. I love Chucks, just hate all the bag juju that goes along with them. Stupid sweatshops.

pixiepine said...

Yup. I went after all my sneaks logos with little dots of black paint. It was kind of refreshing.

Vegan_Noodle said...

What a cool idea!!