Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Doggy!

Well, my actual dog eating these actual biscuits is not pictured, but I can tell you he *loves* them! Yay!

I am working to convert everything (slowly!) that I can to a version that is healthier, most cost-effective, and greener. The homemade deodorant experience has been magical, I love my new glass smoothie straw, the clothes are drying on the line just fine, and so on! My next project is to get my pets eating healthier things.

I made my dog these Carob Chip Oatmeal Crunchies from How It All Vegan.

How It All Vegan! 10th Anniversary Edition: Irresistible Recipes for an Animal-Free Diet

I added some pumpkin seeds and nooch just for fun! These definitely look good enough to eat, people-wise!

A nice bucket o' treats!

Do you have any good tips for healthy pet food?

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lindsey lowe said...

it was nice meeting you too! i love your shop and will definitely be posting pics on my blog soon. i am now following you so hopefully i can get some good cooking tips.