Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hungry Girl: Cold Sesame Noodles

Hello all! It's Day 6 of the Adventure Cleanse Tuneup! I am feeling wonderful thus far (after the no-caffeine headaches on Day 3 subsided that is...). More updates soon!

After my lame experience/experimenting with the Hungry Girl cookbook, I do want to share a recipe I can get happy about!! Hungry Girl hasn't done it for me in general, but Cold Sesame Noodles will definitely be on regular rotation. It's tofu shirataki noodles with a yummy mixture of saucy goodness, all vegan, all healthy. As a bonus, this was delicious the next day.

 And a happy :)...On a very rotten day recently, I got home from work and saw this crazy red flower sticking up in the grass. I have no idea what it is or how it grew next to our driveway, but yay!!

As for tomorrow, GO SAINTS!!!!

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