Friday, October 14, 2011

Peace, Love, & Sweat...and then a little peace and love again!

I recently finished the 21 Day Cleanse in Kris Carr's fantabulous tome on healthy living, Crazy Sexy Diet.

Although it was a major challenge, I am so glad I did it. Just like the challenges on her site, Crazy Sexy Life, this cleanse helped me develop some healthy habits and let some crappy ones fade away. 

I was already into healthy eating and green living, so those topics were fun but not too life-changing. What really had an impact during the cleanse was my exploration of yoga and meditation. I'm no yogini, guru, or anything else fancy and serene, but I am super happy working on my slow-down and sweat skillz! I use yoga workouts on Exercise TV, and also have a lovely friend who teaches at a local studio. I love sweating with intense yoga, and I love wobbling my way to more balance and strength. 

I've also stuck with the daily meditation that the cleanse recommends, even if it is just a few minutes. I use guided meditations, as my attention span is soooo not where it needs to be to guide myself without a little help! There are some wacky meditation tracks out there, and then there are some great ones. These are some of my favorites at the moment: 

To encourage myself and make my yoga and meditation time a little more of a recharging treat, I use things that enhance my experience.  In Crazy Sexy Diet, Kris Carr suggests making your yoga and meditation space(s) special. I've garage saled and thrifted chimes, candles, and event a little indoor potted tree to make my space more relaxing. 

Here are a few other favorites: 

Pretty yoga mat, mat spray, and a strap, all from Gaiam. I really need a block as well, but I'm being stubborn and working on my flexibility. Rolled up towels work well too!

For meditating, I use headphones or these cool eco-speakers if I don't feel like having ear-buds in. 

I also like to use an eye pillow. The scent and slight pressure on my eyes really puts me right into a more relaxed mood. It's also helpful in shutting out the light that can be a distraction at times. I've tried several different eye pillows, and lavender scented ones are my favorite. Barefoot Yoga makes a lovely eye pillow. One of my complaints with most eye pillows is that you can't clean them or recharge the scent because they are sewn closed. Barefoot Yoga's have a small hidden zipper that allows you to open them, change the contents, and handwash. Yay! That leaves room for all sorts of aromatherapy exploration, though I like the lavender and flaxseed that comes in the pillow. This one also came with a little protective pouch, which is nice for keeping the pillow nice and clean between uses. 

On my wishlist: 

A great yoga mat bag, like this one!

A meditation pillow, like this one!

And maybe a room like this to practice in... ;) 
(I love this home yoga room too!)

What are your favorite ways to enhance your exercise and reflective times?

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