Saturday, November 26, 2011

National Health Blog Post Month Day #26: How It All Vegan!

NHBPM Day 26:

I still remember… Free write a post that starts with the line “I still remember…”

I still first vegan cookbook!  How It All Vegan, by Sarah Kramer! It was wonderful then, and it is wonderful now...a decade later! 

Since my original copy has been burnt, spilled upon, waterlogged, and such, I plan on adding this 10th anniversary edition to my cookbook shelf. 

In magical vegan bonus world, I had the fun experience of briefly meeting Miss Sarah Kramer! We were in the Pacific Northwest for a belated honeymoon and visit to friends. We decided to take a ferry from Seattle to Victoria, B.C. and get honeymoon tattoos at her husband's shop, Tattoo Zoo. 

Lovely, lovely, and lovely!

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