Monday, February 27, 2012

Insanity Workout 11 & A Day Off!

Workout 11: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs: This is my first day of 2 workouts! Gahhh! I can say after the fact, I am in some kind of mellow haze. No way to get wound up after a beatdown like that! I did Pure Cardio first, and as usual, sweat my heiny off. Then I turned on Cardio Abs. It's a neat workout, about 16 minutes total. There is some cardio, which was a laugh after doing the whole the first workout, and then some floor work, which was more manageable. I completed the workouts and feel pretty good!

I'll be in Dallas this weekend to see my brother conducting Bring It On! Thankfully my workout schedule this weekend is fit test, and a day off. My fit test tomorrow may be a little affected by travelling and eating out this weekend, but I am still excited because I feel like I will beat my first results. Getting stronger every day!


Bianca said...

Bring It On: The Musical????!!! Awesome! And good job on the workouts. They definitely sound insane.

Leslie R. said...

Yup- the musical!!