Saturday, March 17, 2012

Awesome Sauce

In Singles, Cliff says to Janet..."You rock my world."

I would like to say that to the Happy Herbivore cookbook...HH- you rock my world!!!! I love this cookbook. Today's post is about the life changing sauces and spreads in this magical tome.

First- Nutty Spread!! This is a genius sort of peanut butter spread...cut with white beans! This book is big on taste as well as health, and this recipe is a true winner. I put it to work with ants on a log.

Next is homemade vegan mayo...which can then be added into other recipes like faux tuna salad and ranch dipping sauce. 

I am so jazzed by these recipes and the many more I have been making from this great cookbook. It's been a while since I have been really excited about new recipes- this is exciting!

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Moon to Moon said...

Thank you for your comment, a pink salt candle sounds great, I love candles, they are so romantic :)

Also thanks for the link to the cook book I miss tuna so much, I must give this a go

Big love xxx Gabi xxx