Monday, March 5, 2012

Insanity Workouts 12-16!

Workout 12: Plyometric Cardio Circuit: I started out feeling really strong, stretching farther and taking fewer breaks. Then those blasted SKI ABS came my way and I felt as weak as ever. Whew, this is a tough workout! I did feel overall stronger as I got week 3 of Insanity started. Yay!

Workout 13: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs: Whew! Another tough workout, but I definitely powered through this one with fewer breaks and better form on the exercises. Feeling stronger and loving the workouts! I've been eating like a madwoman (erm, vegan carrot cake from Whole a monster!) so I'm not sure what my weight looks like, but I am loving the exercise and am willing to take a little more time to see results. Sometimes I just need some cake :P

Workout 14: Cardio Recovery: Well, this felt like less of a break than last time I did it! I'm guessing that I am getting stronger, getting deeper into the exercises, and thereby getting sweatier! This is a great stretch, but also includes a lot of challenging balance and core moves. Viva Insanity! I'm loving it!

Workout 15: Today was Cardio Power & Resistance. OMG ya'll. I dunno what made today different, but it was so HARD. I felt like I did when I first started this program! I sweat more than I have in a while, and the exercises felt super challenging. I'm pretty proud to have finished my workout still breathing today! Whew...scared for tomorrow, but then I get a day off!

Workout 16: Plyometric Cardio: I worked at 2 of my 3 jobs today and started my period. Me & Shaun T. are just not gonna kick it. On the menu is Pure Sweat yoga with Rainbeau Mars instead. Yep. I am feeling a little nutty and way overstressed. I am considering spacing out Insanity workouts with other stuff like yoga and bicycling to cut down on the amped/tense pace of life at the moment. We shall see. I do love how strong I am getting, but I feel comfortable making Insanity a 3 month experience rather than a two, maybe, so that I can do some enriching exercise in there too. Updates to come!

ETA: Bwahahahaa! My idea to make Insanity a gentler experience lasted all of one day, during which I did yoga, decided to use it as a my rest day, and resumed schedule the next morning. I am just too stubborn to alter course in the middle of something. Besides...I am getting strong! I can hang for 60 days!


Braxton and Yancey said...

Sounds very very difficult..but..i know you can...i know you can...i know you can.
Rooting for ya.

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bosskingljj said...

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