Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blessed With Bliss

A while back I won a lovely giveaway from a lovely lady at a lovely blog!

Here are some of the treats...they continue to make me stop, think, and smile every time I see them in my house. Winning this giveaway also reminded me of the delight I get in using handmade items from people I have conversed with- the experience is really special!

This pillow cover is from Sweet Harvey on Etsy. It obviously fit right in on my couch! I love the fabric and the sweet message.

I also got a print from Melissa's Bubby & Bean shop on Etsy. I chose the Follow Your Bliss print, and I must say, seeing that reminder often has had a significantly positive impact on my mood as I go about my day! 

 Finally, I got some inspiring magnets and stationery from Mountains of the Moon. Check out the gorgeous clothes too!

A great big thank you to Melissa and the other sponsors who contributed such lovely gifts! I've been in need of  a gentle push towards following my instincts and dreams, and these treats came at just the right time!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black Bean Brownies, Round 2!

Said it before and I'll say it again, I love the Happy Herbivore cookbook!
I made Black Bean Brownies again, but tweaked them this time with adding more unsweetened applesauce, omitting sugar/other sweetener, and adding a sprinkling of some vegan chocolate chips. 


Monday, April 23, 2012


Life has involved lots of changes recently. We closed our business Saturday and I am going back to full time counseling. That is a little bittersweet, but mostly positive in that I can make lots of adjustments that are better for me, my life, my relationships, etc. More time with my honey, more money in the bank, a schedule that allows stuff like hot yoga, biking, reading, etc. Yay!

I had an adventure today. I conquered a mini fear and biked to my favorite health food store. I took a roundabout path, because I still get a little nervous with traffic ( ok, a LOT nervous!). I packed a collapsible backpack and my reusable produce bags. At the store, I stocked up on bulk foods like cranberries, dates, quinoa, raw nuts, granola, and almond milk. Then I packed my bike up and toodled home. It was so much fun to ride and notice all the houses and people. I also love that my grocery shopping today was a pretty low-waste experience. Bike power, bulk foods, reusable bags= yay!! Extra bonus is that I biked 3.7 miles, about 40 minutes, got my heart rate up, and had a sweat. I feel very proud of my morning!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Thrifty Vegan Vs. Raging Sweet Tooth

I get crazy sweet tooth attacks. Do ya'll?

We frequently are out of lots of the things that go into sweet recipes, so it's often quite an adventure cobbling together something that will satisfy the need for sugary (so to speak) goodness.

I usually have some form of tofu, a jar of dates in the fridge, cacao powder, agave, beans, and other health nut "treats" on hand.

Today I set out to make black bean brownies, but I got so impatient that I made another dessert while the beans were cooking!

Behold, the pudding cup!

I made the chocolate avocado pudding from Crazy Sexy Diet.  
 Then I made up some tofu whipped cream from How It All Vegan. I added peppermint flavoring for an extra kick.
YUM!!! (And now I can make the black bean brownies!)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Springtime Tastes

I dunno about ya'll, but in Louisiana, we are enjoying that fleeting but magical micro-season before summer. Soon it will be 100 degrees and we'll be begging for mercy, but at the moment it's perfect. I'm walking, jogging, biking, air-drying the clothes, leaving the windows and doors open, and loving every minute of it. 

I'm also doing my somewhat annual return to fresher and simpler foods as the weather warms up. 

Green smoothies! Ahh! This year I am using a staple combo of raw vegan protein powder, flax seed, and Amazing Grass greens powder to make sure my smoothies pack a nutritional punch. 

Baby tomatoes...can't get enough of these little flavor explosions!

Giant salads with eggplant bacon from Appetite For Reduction! Mmmm!

What are your Springtime foods?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heavenly Sauces!

This recent  meal was full of magically delicious sauces that I need to share about!
First up, I made the mac & cheese recipe from the Happy Herbivore cookbook. I used wheat noodles and reduced the recipe to make just 2 servings. Having rehabbed our food habits for the better, pasta is now a side dish, and only on occasion.  I loved this sauce, and appreciated the fact that it is good and cheezy without the use of any oils, vegan butters, or the like- just lite tofu and such.
With our mac & cheese, we had good ole steamed broccoli and salads, which brings me to the second sauce! Lightened Up Lemon Tahini Dressing, I love you!!!! This is a sauce from Oh She Glows, and it is so good! Like licking the bowl good ;P

Our salad was baby kales, rainbow slaw, sprouts, tomatoes, and that amazing dressing- yum!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy Moly Hummus!

A quick post to sing the praises of vegan guru Sarah Kramer's Holy Moly Hummus...this stuff is amazingly delicious!! 
As much as I like Appetite For Reduction's lower fat/calorie hummus, there is certainly something to be said for indulging in the real tahini-laden thing every so often- plus, look at all the raw veggies involved in scooping up this beany goodness-Yummmm!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Earth Month: My PeopleTowels in Action!

 I am currently reading How To Go Further: A Guide To Simple Organic Living.

Check this quote out: 
"Today, half the trees cut down in the United States every year are cut down to make paper products that are either thrown away after one use or not used at all."

Ouch!!! It made me even more excited about my efforts to convert to reusables as much as possible. 

I am loving my PeopleTowels. I will of course emphasize that you don't need to purchase special towels to go reusable- any cloth napkin, washcloth, etc. will do just fine. That being said, these are awfully cute, thin yet absorbent (great for stashing even in little purses or pockets), and have a loop that makes them great for clipping to your clothes or bag.

Here are mine, drying on the clothesline. 

So far I've used my towels;

* for drying hands in public restrooms (this is easy and really reminds you how much paper towel we can throw away. I used it to dry my hands 3 times on Saturday and save who knows how much paper from going right into the garbage!) I used my PeopleTowel to dry clean hands, so I stuck it right back in my bag for the next use. 

*bundled with a fork from home to use in a restaurant (I did this as well, saving both the paper napkin and the paper ring around it from getting trashed on my account. I also bundled the used fork back up in the towel to take home and wash)

As with any reusable item (and lots of eco-friendly choices), the key is planning ahead. I make sure a towel is in my bag, just as I make sure I plan portable healthy meals and snacks ahead of time, pack my glass straw in its canvas sleeve, bring a thermos/water bottle with me, and so on. 

Any more ideas on great uses?

If you get excited and want a PeopleTowel, here's a discount code too!
Enter ambassadorepw38 for 10% off two or more!

:D Have a great day!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Earth Month Tip #2: Sunscreen!

Today's environmental tip: Protect yourself from sun overexposure! In summer, always apply sun block SPF 15 or more to protect your skin from solar UV radiation. Just five or more sunburns can really increase your risk of developing skin cancer. The sun's rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. so at the times, seek shade or wear protective clothing such as a long-sleeved shirt.

P.S. I've also read several places that eating a variety of colorful fruits and veg can help your body naturally protect you against UV & sun damage. Eat up!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Earth Month!!

Happy Earth Month!!

Today's tip: Leaving your car at home twice a week can cut greenhouse gas emissions over 1,500 pounds per year.

Vegan Beauty: Funk Off!

Hello everyone! Today's post is on a fun vegan line I found on Etsy!

Funk Off! is a vegan and eco-minded business. Their scents are great, and they use hand stamped recycled packaging materials.

I would highly recommend the nag champa vanilla scented products, and the lip balm is FANTASTIC! The chocolate buttercream flavor has been in my pocket for days!

In related news, I have an update on an ongoing Pixiepine topic: Everyday Minerals makeup! I love this makeup so very much; it's the first cosmetic item that I have ever purchased multiple times! I usually abandon makeup for various reasons, but this stuff is amazing. I was concerned about the packaging aspect, so I got in touch with the company. Although my ideal choice, a refill option for existing cannisters, isn't available, the whole cannister is recyclable, which is great. I always enjoy contacting companies and getting help with these types of questions, and this was a satisfying response. :) (Of course, perusing My Plastic-Free Life has me itching to make more changes!)

What are your favorite vegan and eco-friendly beauty items?